This morning, an email from a friend led me to the 5th interweb wonder of the world, Wikipedia (yes, Wikipedia site was recently named 5th most popular website in the world), to view this 1976 original apple logo drawn by co-founder Ronald Wayne. Now, I’ve seen this gem-of-a-logo before, but never really noticed how intricate it was, nor did I realize the apparent story behind the original Apple brand. The logo features the words Newton… A Mind Forever Voyaging Through Strange Seas of Thought … Alone with Sir Isaac Newton sitting under the apple tree where he supposedly discovered gravity, by an apple falling on his head. I wonder if that experience is synonymous with Steve JobsSteve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne‘s idea to create and sell the Apple I Personal Computer kit? I doubt it, but interesting nonetheless. The original logo was only used for 1 year. In 1977, Steve Jobs hired Rob Janoff to create the rainbow-bitten apple that represented the brand for 22 years before going monochromatic & glossy. Apparently, the bite of the apple was added to differentiate the apple from a tomato. Many also believe the bite lends itself to another kind of byte, which also adds a nice “nerdy” vibe. Any way you slice it, or bite it…Janoff says all of those design meanings are BS. You can read more about the design of the most iconic brand in the world here, in this Creative Bits interview from 2009. Take a minute and make it your read for the day.