We’re strategic business partners who just happen to do advertising.

We serve businesses and organizations who know they need a different approach to drive revenue — but can’t waste time and budget on typical agency dog-and-pony shows. Our collaborative approach lets us do in weeks what takes months at other agencies. Together, we will quickly create clarity, confidence and effective campaign work to solve your most urgent business problems.

Our process enables quick collaboration so we can set a direction and start getting results. It won’t take us long to “get” you and start creating change and sales momentum.

Our principals grew up in businesses. We feel a bone-deep duty to do what’s best for them. It shows in everything we do, including your results.

It’s typical for agencies to win you over with senior knowledge then hand you off to junior staff to cushion their profits — which takes you longer to get results, or worse, takes you off target. Our founder guides everything we produce for you. Every project.

Not many boutique shops can deliver our level of service. We will help you mount on-target, conscientiously executed campaigns, from strategy and design to digital and advertising.


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Our Clients

We’re proud of the company we keep.


SANDIA proved to be an invaluable resource as our organization charted a new visionary direction. Their Foundation Marketing process, logo development, website, and advertising expertise were instrumental in rebranding our schools. Our collaboration with SANDIA has enabled Chavez/Huerta K-12 Prep Academy to create positive change and a culture of excellence. SANDIA’s team is full of creativity, passion, and energy. Their professionalism is evident in their timely completion of projects and responsive needs to our mission. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a fresh new approach.
JOE V. ALDAZ JR., Lt Col (USAF Ret), EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, Chavez Huerta K-12 Preparatory Academy

MarketMotion sources creative talent on a regular basis for our clients, and within the last 20 years we’ve worked with agencies and creative boutiques in Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas, Houston, Oklahoma City, and Philadelphia. Whether SANDIA has worked on a seven figure budget with us, or five figures, the work is always crisp and effectual. They know what matters is the intended audience point-of-view.

Mark Masters, PRESIDENT, Market Motion

SANDIA has been instrumental in taking our marketing to its highest level ever. Working through their unique Foundation Marketing process has yielded fresh and on-target marketing ideas and messages, as well as generating enthusiasm and buy-in from key stakeholders. I have participated in numerous branding and visioning sessions, but theirs was by far the most effective and efficient – it was amazing to see new ideas and insights emerge from teams that thought they had already developed their brand.

Eric Nissen, Marketing & Communications Specialist, College of Business & Administration, University of Colorado Colorado Springs

SANDIA Advertising, in a very short period of time, has successfully helped us with expanding our Lazer Sharp product line in the saltwater market. Their Foundation Marketing approach also helped us to refresh our ideas and they ‘brought us back to center’ with our communications. We appreciate their dedication and all they have done on our behalf.

Chriss Russell, FMR MARKETING DIRECTOR, Eagle Claw Fishing Tackle

Working through the Foundation Marketing process with SANDIA was critical to our future growth. Bringing our entire leadership team together in one room for four hours created a powerful forum for critical thinking and thoughtful conversation about who we are, and where we want our marketing efforts to take us. We were able to come to consensus and determine as a group how to strengthen and leverage our marketing program moving forward. Bernard’s creativity and expertise made the process fun and thought-provoking. Outstanding!

Jennifer M. Taylor, Manager Marketing & Business Development, Bryan Construction

I’ve worked with SANDIA for over 15 years collaborating to build a number of powerful brands with messaging and visuals that resonate with target audiences. They’ve done a stellar job of effectively supporting my marketing objectives for a variety of technology companies and products.

Kevin Burns, VP Global Marketing, Intermap Technologies Corporation

After you work with us I think you’ll get the idea that we genuinely care about clients and their business.

Bernard Sandoval, FOUNDER / PRESIDENT

I notice increasing reluctance on the part of marketing executives to use judgment; they are coming to rely too much on research, and they use it as a drunkard uses a lamp post for support, rather than for illumination.

David Ogilvy, Ogilvy & Mather