Now’s a bad time to advertise, right?  Wrong. 

In fact, right now may be the best time in years to be in front of your customers. Why? Because advertising dollars go further in a timid economy than they do in a hot one.

Think of it this way. If your business sector is down 25% and the competition has taken a “wait and see” attitude, you can still be selling to the other 75% of the market—at cheaper than average media rates—developing a stronger, more lucrative customer base.

Now it’s natural to look for ways to reduce overhead. Particularly in a troubled economy. But lowering your prices or folding your marketing tent in the hope of saving money will only weaken your market position.

You’ve spent years differentiating your brand from everyone else’s. You’ve spent good money advertising the superiority of your product or service. Why put those hard-earned investments at risk?


The less you tell, the less you sell.

You can’t reach loyal customers, much less new ones, by fading into the woodwork. But the good news is, staying in the public eye—and staying out front in business–isn’t as complicated, costly, or scary, as some people would have you think.

In fact, with Foundation Marketing™ it can be remarkably simple.

Foundation Marketing™ helps you connect with qualified customers in a whole new way. On a whole new level. One that puts you in their shoes, in their minds, and that speaks to them in a language they’ll not only understand but respond to—both in sales and loyalty.


Thinking cheap only cheapens your image.


Cutting ad budgets and lowering prices on products and services may seem like a good strategy when times are tough, but consider the downside. When you cut your budgets, you undermine your ability to speak to your customer,

and when you lower your prices, you diminish your sales and devalue your brand.

The better solution is to rethink your marketing strategy, cutting what doesn’t work and replacing it with a more efficient, more cost-effective program. One that’s designed to drive direct sales in all markets and all economies while keeping your brand investment safe and strong. In short, it means trusting your future to Foundation Marketing.


Build sales on a solid new foundation.

The world seems to get more confusing every day. Which is why, now more than ever, it pays to work with experienced marketing professionals. Specialists like us who can craft the right message for the right media, helping people like you reach the right customers—year in and year out.

If you’re ready to take a new tack in marketing—one that will allow you to weather the financial storms of any economy and emerge stronger when the rough seas subside, call 1-888-333-5485.